Friday, November 2, 2018

The Weekly(ish) Update - Issue 0030

Chasing your dreams will always lead you home...

Over the years I have moved around a lot. And i do mean A LOT.

When I was born I was moved from one mother to another. As a teenager I was always moving around, up to mischief in some form or another, eventually moving away from where I called home. After I met my birth mother, and then my birth father, separately, I moved to Australia. I had everything stolen within 24 hours and continued to move around until I got a job in Melbourne. That job allowed me to keep moving until I ended up back in New Zealand, over ten years later. I spent some time moving around New Zealand sharing time with different members of my family, before i got a job moving around New Zealand. I settled down for awhile in Hamilton after riding a bike around New Zealand, then rode a bike around New Zealand again after going back to the job where i moved around New Zealand. I then moved to Queenstown, where i moved jobs a quite a few times, before finding a job I loved, and deciding I now want to walk the entire length of New Zealand. Once I complete my next adventure, something I begin in a few weeks time, I think I will move from Queenstown, maybe to Te Anau, maybe somewhere else.

When I was younger I think I ran away from everything that was happening around me, I never faced my reality head on, I escaped as often as possible, until the reality I saw others living was something I would dream about achieving. I don't think I ever really accepted my life as being my own until recently, and I think as a result I have kept pushing people away to prevent me from facing the reality I had escaped from, when i was younger.

I use to tell people a story about someone I knew who through my eyes had the perfect life, yet through their eyes, it was my life that was perfect. They had a good job, with a great income, a wife and family, a huge house, cars, toys, holidays, and yet my friend envied my freedom, my lack of ties and responsibility, they loved the idea that I could do what ever I wanted, whenever I want to do it, and it was whilst telling someone this story, that I realised I am who I want to be.

I use to think that I was looking for someone, but I now think I am that someone who I was looking for, and instead of trying to find someone outside of where I should be looking, I should focus on being who I wanted to find. I should focus on being who I want to be.

Sure it would be nice to share my adventure. To have someone to hug, and to hold, someone who is there with me through good and bad, but recently I have realised most importantly, all I need to do is try to be the person I want to be. All I have to do is try to be me.

...chasing your dreams will always lead you home.

Till soon... Stay safe... Be YOU!!!


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