Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Weekly(ish) Update - Issue 0025

Not all angels have wings...

It has been awhile since i have wanted to write anything. Years have past since i last felt like i had anything i wanted to share.

 My life has led me to Queenstown, in the South Island of New Zealand, and i have made some resemblance of a life for myself here after i drove buses around New Zealand again for a little while, got fired a couple of times, and decided i wanted to consentrate more on Custom Vision and i wanted to do that by going to the local art and craft market in Queenstown, whilst i drove buses in and out of a fairly well known place called 'Milford Sound'.

I lived in the back of a van for the first year or so, going to the market with a cart i built in Hamilton to display stuff i made, and working every other day, i quickly realized i needed a home... and being a resort, Queenstown was unlikely to become home, so i bought a caravan and have spent the last couple of years renovating it.

my job changed from driving large group of people in and out of Milford Sound, to driving smaller groups of rafters in and out of skippers canyon, and eventually driving the bungy bus, where i shuttle groups from town out to the two A J Hackett bungy sites three or four times a day, whilst i continued to meander towards my goal of completing my home, and doing more to set up Custom Vision Photography.

 I say meander because that is ultimately how i feel, life has found a way to distract me, over and over again, and yet here we are again, with me wanting to do than what i am doing... so i am doing something about it. On the 18th of November i will start to walk the length of New Zealand, something i am calling #nzwalk4life.

i have worked out it will take me 6 months to complete and is without question my biggest adventure to date... and why am i doing it??? mostly just because i think i can... but i also think it will lead me to where i am meant to be after i again feel i have become a little lost within the world around me, instead of being the light or beacon that i know i can be who shows other people what really matters.

There are billions of people on this planet, and apart from a few arseholes i genuinely think most of us are good. The way technology has linked many of us together we are now more aware of not only the world around us individually, but the individual worlds in which other people live.

Bookface and Instagram link millions. Our phones capture, and share, almost instantly, what we see in our homes, in public, and everywhere else we go, at any hour of the day, every day of the week, and yet here i am seemingly isolated by the world i have created. So, I want to take another step towards being the best 'me' i can be.

The path i have travelled has led me to this point, my life has bought me here and its now up to me to continue to add to my story. This is the next chapter, a chapter whereby i will achieve something few would even consider. In November 2018 i will begin to walk the length of New Zealand... and in May 2019 i will complete it. A journey that will take 6 months and cover 3000kms.

I will continue to seek my happy place, to find somewhere i call home.

I have for the most part enjoyed Queenstown, but it is not home, everyone I meet leaves, and so now is the time for me to move on. I know this because i am continously reminded jut how precious life really is. That we all need to make the most of everyday, right up until our last breath, and even though i have done some incredible things, met some beautiful people, and survived this life thus far, I really do want to do even more.

I sometimes get lost within my own thoughts, but i always have. I sometimes get distracted by the world around me, but dont we all. I always feel like i can do more, and so i will do more than i have ever done before, so i can inspire someone to be who they really are, to do more than i can do, because...

 ...not all angels have wings.

Till soon.. Stay safe.. Be You!!!


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